About CoopLife

  • Facilitating you with the utmost freedom to live your life to its full potential, we at COOPLIFE Insurance Limited believe in the sentiment that “Life is to be lived”. Since our inception, we have evolved into a comprehensive brand portfolio where we cater to the life insurance needs of individuals as well as groups coming from all walks of life.

  • Our corporate stability comes from Cooperative Insurance Co., which was established in the year 1998 and started its operations in the year of 1999. Thus, COOPLIFE is a result of the segregation process of composite insurance companies by the Insurance Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (IRCSL) through the regulation of Insurance Industry (Amendment) Act No. 3 of 2011.

  • Nurturing the lives of our customers, we stand as a fully owned subsidiary of Cooperative Insurance Company Limited, which operates as 100% Sri Lankan owned organization. Thus, our virtues come from places alike; we strive to ensure that each stakeholder is given the supreme service that they truly deserve with a significant penetration across urban, semi-urban as well as rural markets. Hence, our products stand out from the crowd as per our mantra for success, which is a constant bespoke approach driven by innovation and customer satisfaction.

  • As an organization that strives beyond the conventional barriers of the corporate culture, we believe in sustainability. A harmonious co-existence that elevates the living standards of our stakeholders through which we have earned a staggering number of satisfied customers over the years with life long partnerships.

  • With an all-embracing glamorous product range to suite everyone’s needs, our prime objective is to convince customers in such a manner where Life Insurance is no longer a luxury but an absolute necessity which comes along with the affordability across all income levels within the entire society which we survive.

  • We take pride in being responsible for changing the customer perception towards the Life Insurance business by crafting integrated stakeholder groups that reap the benefits of our partnership by eradicating the exploitation and misbehavior to ensure security and transparency for all…




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Our Vision

Life insurance company that will stand "UNITED" with its customers to the very end.

Our Mission

To be ever mindful of the needs of our customers, and thereby make ‘true protection’ a way of life, via the provision of innovative yet affordable insurance solutions which conform to the highest ethical and moral standards.

Our Commitments

  • 1) Putting customer first in all decisions and undertakings

    2) Proactively respond to customers’ needs

    3) Build loyalty and trustful for our customers

  • 1) Optimizing shareholders value by delivering all our services effectively and efficiently

    2) Provide investors with steady growth in returns

    3) Provide all shareholders with necessary security for their investments

  • 1) Maintain a challenging and rewarding working environment and culture that attracts, retains and develop committed employees

    2) Guide all members of staff towards the attainment of self-actualization

  • 1) Commit to comply with laws, rules, regulations, ethics and standards of a good market practice.

    2) Encourage industry conformance to the highest ethical and moral standards

    3) Work for the furtherance of the insurance industry in Sri Lanka.

Our Culture

  • Being a company formed by cooperative organizations, not by choice, but by compulsion, attempts are being made to keep the identity through advocacy on values maintained by a cooperative organization- self-help, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity. Company aspires to work within the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.

  • COOPLIFE Insurance attempts to maintain a participatory governance system by working through committee system which has an Audit Committee, HR Committee, Investment Committee and a Procurement committee for taking decisions in their respective fields.

  • Worker welfare is an area of concern by the Company, for which participatory Health and life Insurance scheme is set for the staff. They too are supported by a Staff Welfare Association set for both companies – CICL and CIL.

  • Company HRD system offers free training and examination fees for the Agents for their license and also reimbursement of the cost of examinations for other staff in their respective professional courses.

  • COOPLIFE is compliant company in terms of IRCSL requirements, by having maintained capital adequacy, policies required by the legislators and also the requirements by the Registrar of Companies. Company business decisions are taken well within the regulatory and legal requirements and maintain transparency in its operations.

Our Values

Show Mutual Respect in all our interactions

Empower People to strive for excellence

Inculcate Positive thinking

Treasure integrity and ethical conduct

Foster diversity as a corporate strength