Samagi Prawardhana

In today’s economy, protecting your investments against depreciation of currency is highly recommended as the increasing cost of living will reduce the future value of your asset by eroding the purchasing power. This is the utmost important factor in wealth planning which goes unnoticed.

Inflation protected securities will help you achieve your long term financial goals, whether it is retirement funds or education fund for the children, providing you with sufficient return on investment after factoring in the rate of inflation.

Samagi Prawardhana is a specially designed plan from COOP LIFE to provide compensation for the inflation factor. This plan increases the sum assured automatically by 5% leaving a substantial sum at maturity.

You can choose from a flexible premium payment plan between 10 years to 20 years. If the policy holder dies during the policy term increased sum assured will be paid in fully. If death occurs after the policy term, sum equal to the basic sum assured will be paid.

Additional Cover Options

  • Accidental Death benefits (includes total and partial disability for yourself and spouse)
  • Additional Death Benefit (Life Cover)
  • Critical illness benefit for yourself and spouse
  • Funeral expense benefit for yourself and spouse
  • Hospital cash benefit for yourself, spouse and two children

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