Target Market

As a fully Sri Lankan owned company, COOP Life is created to serve the Rural and Urban communities in various industries to protect them from financial risk.

Our target market includes the Cooperative Organisations as well employees of Multi-Purpose, Thrift and Credit Cooperatives, Dairy Cooperatives and other Agriculture Cooperatives.

We also serve the Government Operations, Departments and other statutory bodies as well as the Private and Public companies in Consumer Service, Production, Construction, imports and Exports, Plantation and Processing sectors.

Apart from the Private and Public Sectors, we serve the Charitable and Non Profit Organisations and offshore companies.

Our potential market is 18 – 60 years of age, categorized into lower, middle and upper middle classes in Sri Lanka. COOP Life product range is a proof that Life Insurance is no longer a luxury but an absolute necessity which is affordable to all income levels.

We have expanded our network to offer our services in the North, East, West, Southern and Colombo and North Western Regions and will be serving all regions across Sri Lanka in the future.