Our “Concern for Community” emphasizes on the dire need of disengaging from our daily business practices that compromises the future of living beings. Our organizations are committed to equality and social justice as our value propositions.

Sustenance of living beings and the environment is the primary focus of the co-operative communities. We adhere to these principles as we are formed by them.

We also support the socio economic activities as well as cultural activities that would help the families below poverty line, through employment and self-employment. These opportunities supports risk management of their economic ventures made for living as well as to enjoy sustainable livelihoods.

Our low cost products are aimed at these groups as well as reduced premiums are some of the strategies we have adopted moving forward in this direction.

Our ultimate goal is to build up reserves with all stakeholders while focusing on environmental initiatives, people engagement and social commitment.

Low cost products aiming at these groups as well as reduced premiums are some the strategies adopted in these directions .building up reserves with all stake holders should be the ultimate goal of the company, as such achievements are shown in the other coop life insurance companies throughout the world.

With unlimited opportunities in the horizon with Sri Lanka’s new economic developments, we are committed to enhance our strategies and activities in the direction of sustainability.